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Supreme Ultra-Linings

Supreme Ultra-Linings is an extremely tough spray-on synthetic coatings that provide the highest level of protection using our high-quality proprietary formula with our unique spray system developed to spray these special coatings to extend the life of vehicle and truck bodies, boats, and engineering structures. Having attractively tough rugged looks that can provide extreme protection. Not only does it make your vehicle or objects look good, but it also forms an abrasion and scratch protection layer against impact or contact with hard objects.

Supreme Ultra-Linings also protect against weather, corrosive acids, or saltwater corrosion making it suitable for any work environment.  Whether you are in commercial or marine, contact us for a no-obligation quotation today!

Sprayed-On Protection for a wide range of:​

  • Lorry Vehicles

  • Trucks

  • Trailers

  • Construction Vehicles

  • Military Vehicles 

  • ATV's

  • Boats

  • Boat Cradles and Trailers

  • Equipment

  • Ladders

  • Aircraft ground equipment

  • Maintenance Platforms

Abrasion Resistant

Good Slip-Resistant

Easy Care

UV Resistant

Impact Absorbent

Scratch Resistant

Corrosion Resistant

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